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Letter from Dr. Weinberger

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

When you communicate with Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, this is the initial response he routinely sends to submissions via his contact page.

Special note: His response comes after a completed submission located HERE. on his "Contact" page. He charges no cost or fee to anyone; anywhere in the world. Your doctor might certainly charge a cost or fee. The most important resposonse submission page is whether the patient's cough is "... absent once asleep only to return once awake." as noted on his in-depth diagnosis page HERE. Some patients call this refractory, unexplained chronic cough (RUCC) their "daytime" or "awake" cough. They also call it, "mystery cough", "horror cough", and more. The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy is the culmination of his esteemed career as a pediatric pulmonologist, asthma and cough researcher that he knows will work with a properly diagnosed habit cough.

Dr. Weinberger certainly is not a "one hit wonder" with his cure for habit cough. This brilliant cure might well be the culmination of his lifetime of dedicated work for the hopeless, helpless and forsaken children and adults of the world.

When you click HERE, you will witness Dr. Weinberger's medical CV (resume) that will make the average person wonder what they have done with their life.

This is the initial email response that Dr. Weinberger sends to the adult or parent to chronic cough patients. It is short and sweet. It comes with the attachments below. They are easy to read. They will bring you up to speed on Dr. Weinberger's cumulative knowledge of diagnosis, treatment (cure) and recovery from habit cough.

This link HERE is to a folder that contains all of the documentation that he encloses with his "initial reply" email to the patient.

This is the full length cough cure documentary by Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD. It has been referenced in numerous "peer reviewed and published" journals since 2019. Recently, medical journal editors have begun requesting that authors include offsite links to support documentation to bolster the validity of the information presented.

Here (above) is one of Dr. Weinberger's most requested manuscripts. It explains all the major diagnoses of cough in children ~ including and introduction to habit cough. It is used as a de facto authoritative review document for asthma, allergy, immunologists & pediatric pulmonologists around the world.

This was the first paper that Dr. Weinberger wrote about Bethany's cough. It was around the time that adults and parents of children began to report their instant and permanent cures simply by watching Dr. Weinberger's cough video documentary.

This is Dr. Weinberger's most recent peer reviewed and published manuscript ~ online HERE. (along with 365 of Dr. Weinberger's research documents) It provides many cases of children and adults being instantly and permanently cured from their mystery horror coughing of up to 25 years. You can study all of his pulmonology research also.

This was a find of a lifetime for a 50 year acute and chronic cough researcher from The University of Iowa. The direct link for observations about "The 1694 Document" are HERE.

This is one of the first manuscripts from Dr. Weinberger where I saw the word, "cure" concerning our daughter's cough. It was the beginning of such a wonderful experience. Imagine being the first person to see someone actually being cured from a horrifying illness.

When you get the chance to communicate with Dr. Weinberger, recognize that you will be speaking with the pre-eminent cough researcher and first and only doctor to ever cure a patient from a chronic cough via a Skype call. That Skype call became part of Dr. Weinberger's cough cure documentary. Now, children and adults around the world are instantly and permanently cured from their cough.

This is the first easily available "peer reviewed and published" manuscript about "Habit Cough in Adolescent Children" by Dr. Bernard "Bernie" A. Berman, MD. This is the manuscript that inspired Dr. Weinberger to pursue his passion for diagnosing, curing and providing recovery for children with "habit cough". Little did Dr. Weinberger (or Dr. Berman know, but so many adults suffered from habit cough, but were misdiagnosed with so many other illnesses. Now, they understand that their decades long is indeed habit cough. They chuckle at the thought of watching a simple video of a little girl being cured from her horror cough. There is NO way that it is this simple. Talk to them in 30 minutes when the intensity of their cough has diminished and the time between coughs has DRAMATICALLY increased. A week later, with "practice, practice' practice" and they report back that their horror cough is now merely a "... throat clear." Then, it just disappears. Gone, "... like turning off a light switch."

We are glad you are here and happy that you found Dr. Weinberger ~ just like we did!



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