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Kratom cough cured

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Note: Before this awesome thread, I had NEVER heard of Kratom or a cough associated with Kratom. So awesome that The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy worked so perfectly, Wow! This is a thread from a wonderful man who cured his "Kratom cough" utilizing The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy.

To be honest, I did not know anything about Kratom, or Kratom cough. It is exciting to know that The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy is so effective. Great to know that a respondent "awayfromhome23" below utilized it also.

Dr. Weinberger has communicate with this man and was very impressed by his tenacity.

Knowing that so many people have been cured by The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy is a great feeling. - Dennis

Original post below

Experiencing 'kratom withdrawal cough' during the COVID-19 pandemic

Hi everyone, On Friday, September 29, after a ninety-day taper, I finally put an end to a kratom habit that had lasted for eight years. It feels wonderful to be free of this substance, and I never could have reached this point without help of everyone in this group. Thank you. It would be wonderful if we could start a conversation about the best way of dealing with kratom withdrawal cough. Also, since so many people are understandably concerned that a cough might be a sign of COVID-19, it would be helpful if those who have experienced a kratom cough could share their experiences in this thread. What is kratom withdrawal cough? After reading through many old forum posts, I believe that a persistent, dry cough is a real symptom of kratom withdrawal. While cough is not as common as insomnia, restless leg syndrome, malaise, and those mysterious aches and pains which torment our bodies, it is still a symptom that some people experience in a very intense way. These are 'objective' reasons I believe that a cough can be one symptom of kratom withdrawal:

  • Kratom is used as a cough suppressant throughout Asia. According to one peer reviewed article from The Journal of American Osteopathic Association published in 2012, "In Asia, kratom has been used to stave off fatigue and to manage pain, diarrhea, cough, and opioid withdrawal."

  • We know that opiates such as Vicodin and codeine are prescribed due to their antitussive, anti-cough effects. Though kratom is not technically an opiate, it sure does a good job of playing one on TV. :) We all know that it mimics classic opiate effects.

These are anecdotal observations which make me believe that cough is a symptom of kratom withdrawal.

  • Throughout most of my 20s and 30s, I was afflicted with a chronic, recurring cough that had no apparent cause It would persist for months and then would go away for many months before returning. I did smoke at that time, but this was not a smoker's cough. Doctors ran a battery of tests and initially decided it was cough-variant asthma. When further tests ruled out asthma, they basically shrugged and said "Couldn't hurt to quit smoking."

  • In 2012, my recurrent cough disappeared almost entirely. At the time, I did not realize that this coincided with the onset of my daily kratom habit.

  • In 2015, I experienced a massive, bilateral pulmonary embolism that had no apparent cause. I was immediately hospitalized for three days, and I decided to stay away from kratom indefinitely until my treatment was over. I ended up not using kratom for about four or five months. During this time, I was saddled with a persistent, recurring cough such as that which had plagued me in my youth. Eventually, the cough disappeared and did not come back for another five years. I did not realize it at the time, but the cough disappeared at precisely the same time that I resumed my daily kratom habit.

  • In 2020, as I approached the final month of my taper, the cough came back. Since we are in the midst of a global pandemic characterized by a dry, persistent cough, I was more than a bit freaked out even though I barely leave the house and have very limited interaction with human beings other than my wife and daughter. During the past two weeks, I have had two COVID-19 tests which definitively rule out COVID as a cause.

For these reasons, I think it is reasonable to assert that a persistent cough is a real symptom that some users experience when they go through kratom withdrawal. In my case, I clearly had some predispositions which made me prone to fits of coughing, and this might be why I'm one of the people who experienced this symptom. For those of you who have also experienced these symptoms, I have a few questions. Your answers would be really helpful for others who might be freaking out about this.

  1. If you have experienced kratom withdrawal cough, what can you tell us about the cough? When in your withdrawal did it start? Has the cough continued or did it finally fade away?

  2. Did you experience any sort of recurring cough before you started taking kratom?

  3. What, if anything, did you find to be most effective in treating this cough?

  4. If your cough happened during 2020, did it eventually compel you to get a COVID-19 test?

I think this could be super helpful because, when I was researching old kratom posts, I came across messages which emphatically claimed that cough is not a symptom. I also found many posts saying things like, "Oh no, man, that never happened to me. Might be coronavirus. You should get tested ASAP." As you can imagine, such posts are pretty scary, even if getting tested is a good idea. Personally, my advice to anyone experiencing withdrawal cough who is worried about COVID would be that (a) if it is your only symptom, you're not feverish, you have been masking up and social distancing, and you still have a good sense of smell, you probably don't have COVID, but (b) if you are able to get an inexpensive or free COVID-19 test it is probably worth the indignity of a nostril swab to get some peace of mind about this. (Note: Since cough is a symptom of COVID, it will probably be much easier for you to get a test than it would be for someone who is not symptomatic at all.) Thanks again, everyone. To all of you who are quitting kratom, you've got this! You will be free!



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