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Updated: Jan 30

Hi Dennis and Happy Sunday!

How very cool that you work for XXXX and shared that with us! XXXX is definitely an avid astronomy fan. We stargaze often, search for the ISS when it passes by, have a handy app for phases of the moon, and had a blast at KSC in Cape Canaveral!

We planned to send XXXX to Space Camp this summer but hesitated to sign him up due to the cough and now unfortunately are on the wait-list.

As you and your family experienced, the search for relief seemed to elude us and we were unsure what to expect from day to day.

We are so grateful to you for posting Bethany's video and to Dr. Weinberger. XXXX continues to improve and our family life feels like it is returning to normal. I believe my partner, XXXXX, mentioned that XXXX is on a swim team. We have missed several weeks of practice as well as a swim meet XXXX planned to compete in. He plans to return to practice tomorrow and compete in a meet at the end of April.

We will need to continue through the diagnostic process as some of XXXX's labs indicate there could be an allergic and/or asthma component.

We spoke with Dr. Weinberger yesterday and feel the habit cough techniques are definitely helping XXXX manage his cough and minimize the irritation to his throat while we search for the underlying cause.

XXXX was so inspired by Bethany "taking her medicine" with Dr. Weinberger that he also had a Skype call yesterday. Additionally, XXXXXXXX is now on the list for provider resources in our area.

This has been such a transformational experience for us all.

Please feel to contact us and have Bethany reach out to XXXX if she would like to.

All our best,



Dear Dr. Weinberger, 

We were so inspired by yours and Bethany's story that we wanted to share ours with you (and her too if possible)!   Our son XXXX is an otherwise extremely healthy 10 year old boy who came down with a viral illness accompanied by a fever at the end of February and was ultimately diagnosed with croup.  His pediatrician could not rule out pertussis (although he is vaccinated) so she prescribed a course of steroids along with azithromycin - neither helped.  The croupy sounding cough resolved but was replaced by a dry hacking cough that has not stopped, except at night while XXXX is asleep. In addition to those two medications, he has taken Zyrtec, Allegra, Singluair, Augmentin, Tessalon Perles, Qvar, Albuterol, Robitussin DM, Benadryl, Dimetapp, and honey.  He’s had a pertussis swab (negative ), a chest x-ray (clear), and a lab draw (results pending).  He has missed several weeks of school.  Today we saw an ENT and next week we have an appointment with a pulmonologist.  The ENT wants us to consider the possibility of cough variant asthma.  As a pediatric RN, I fully recognize the importance of ruling out all possible causes before an official diagnosis can be made, which we will definitely do.  Tonight however, we found your website and Bethany's video.  After watching it and reading some of the documents, I asked XXXX to come sit next to me and we watched it together.  XXXX immediately identified with Brittany and was inspired and encouraged by her.   XXXX jumped right into wanting to try it out for himself and during his first attempt was able to last over 23 minutes cough free !!! You cannot imagine how thrilled and excited we all are - we wanted to share it with you (and Bethany). THANK YOU FOR YOUR INSPIRATION!!! When I saw how recent Bethany's story was, I was excited to realize that she and her family must be in the early stages of their lives returning to normalcy.  Our situation will hopefully not take as long to resolve (and quite possibility, THANKS TO YOU BOTH, we may have landed on the solution).  Thank you again for publishing the information and the video to help XXXX and others like him!!!  All the best,  XXXX XXXX (XXXX mom) 

From Dennis - My favorite part is that mom, who is a nurse is NOW a provider; trained by Dr. Weinberger to assist is diagnosis and treatment via The Weinberger Procedure. Bravo. Great mommying!


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