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"Scam," & "Ridiculous," to an "Awesome" Cure in 30 Minutes! From Melbourne, Australia!

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

This happens a lot. Cured in mere minutes, and now back to their family's wonderful lives!

Dr. Weinberger receives comments like this from moms, dads and adult patients at all corners of the world.

"Awesome! ... I believed this would just be some sort of scam, then to learn that children [and adults] were treated just by watching a video sounded ridiculous ..." & "I left the room, 30 minutes later he stopped coughing." - Dad

Of course, it is completely, and utterly absurd to believe that they, or their sweet child will be cured from the most vicious and violent illness in their life; simply by watching Dr. Weinberger's peer reviewed, and published habit cough cure documentary. (Trust me, it makes no sense ~ until the patient's cure occurs right in front of their eyes!)

"... it's quite satisfying; isn't it?" - Dr. Weinberger, MD.

After all medicine, procedures, diagnoses, and doctors at major medical centers around the world have tried their hardest ~ and nothing works; the child or adult patient watches a documentary about a humble medical doctor from the cornfields of Iowa.

Adults and children are instantly & permanently cured; simply by watching the documentary, (below) and following simple instructions from the doctor in the no cost video.

Look at all these cures from around the world.

"... after seeing this video which I couldn't believe would work ..." & "... it has been life changing for us all now, it worked for him, we have been now cough free for two days ..." - Dad

Thanks! Awesome daddying! Great job to your son. He is terrific! Back to your wonderful lives!

Dr. Weinberger loved this post, and was VERY impressed by your son.

Dr. Weinberger is a big proponent of parents taking their child's health into their own hands and coordinating the child's care with their doctors.

Dad from Australia wrote to Dr. Weinberger

Dear Dr. Weinberger,

I just wanted to say, "thank you,"

After we have been trying all sorts of medicines and remedies over the last 5 weeks, on Sunday night, I found posts online regarding children with ongoing cough,

I recall my doctor said my son's cough could becoming a “habit,” with that one word I stumbled upon your video treating Bethany via Skype.

Initially, I believed this would just be some sort of scam, then to learn that children were treated just by watching a video sounded ridiculous.

Well, on Monday morning at 7am, I woke my son, As soon as he woke he was coughing,

I sat him down in front of his iPad and a drink of water and played the YouTube video,

I told him he had to concentrate and listen to what Dr. Weinberger advises the girl to do,

I left the room, and 30 minutes later he stopped coughing! I though this process was amazing, and just wanted to share the success. We were giving up hope, and he was struggling with school ~ when we could actually get him there.

He is 12 years old, He had COVID-19 on the 12th of June, he got over it fairly quickly and was fine 7 days later.

In the coming weeks after that he got a runny nose and cough.

He recovered from the cold as such, however the cough didn’t stop. The cough lasted for 5 weeks, and only happened when he was awake. We had done chest X-rays, blood tests, tried many different medications and inhalers,

We had seen two different doctors, We were advised the children's hospital would only see him at 4 months, and all we could do was keep trying the medications and inhalers,

However, there wasn’t much they could do for him, as all tests came back negative. They suggested his cough was now possibly becoming a habit rather than any illness, however they didn’t have a solution and believed it should go away over time!!

He stopped coughing after concentrating on the video, and then maintained the sipping and breathing process when he felt a cough coming on. He had it sorted within a few hours and hasn’t coughed since!

We are from Melbourne, Australia.

Thank you again!

The video we watched was below

Regards, A grateful family!

Special note for children: Dr. Weinberger requests parents to review the documentary above without their child. Then, show it to their child in a quiet and undisturbed room when their cough is at its worst. Just "happen" to have two big glasses of room temperature water easily available for your child to sip on the tickle that precedes the cough; not to gulp or sip atop of the cough. Tell them, that this little girl has a cough just like theirs. Dr. Weinberger believes that the child will assimilate to Bethany (this assimilation works with adults too). There are NO drugs associated with this instant & permanent cure. The peer reviewed and published video documentary above IS the actual cure routinely used and referred to by doctors at major medical centers for their worst and most dire chronic cough cases. (Yes, it is hard to imagine, but true. Watching the 'by-proxy" video documentary above or via telemedicine and following Dr. Weinberger's simple instructions has provided an instant and permanent cure to children as young as 3 and adults with over 25 years of unexplained chronic cough in minutes ~ or sometimes even seconds.) Note: Always consult with your doctor for an accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendation for you and you particular medical concerns. To do otherwise would be unwise. No medical advice is given here.

It is available 7/24/365. It can be viewed in multiple languages. The cure is available everywhere in the world ~ now! Dr. Weinberger has received verified reports of cures in children as young as 3, and adults with over 25 years of vicious, refractory, unexplained chronic cough. His telemedicine video has been peer reviewed and published. The original video is held in the permanent video library of the esteemed American Thoracic Society (ATS).

When complete, Dr. Weinberger requests that you read the "recovery" page HERE. He states emphatically, that recovery is THE most important part of his procedure. Dr. Weinberger asks that you tell your doctor about his procedure. Let them know that it has been "peer reviewed and published" numerous times since 1991. HERE

The powerful cough cure documentary above is the full-length version of the curative telemedicine session. It is the singular video utilized by the patients referred by esteemed medical doctors and renowned medical centers around the world. Their patients were instantly and permanently cured in minutes just by watching it. No drugs are needed. There is never a fee or paywall of any kind on this website. Dr. Weinberger's Procedure by proxy is his gift to the world. This video will be the best 35 minutes of your day. Note: Your doctor might certainly charge you a fee or cost.

Disclaimer: Utilize this information with NO expectation of any diminishment, suppression or cure for any illness or medical concern. This is NOT a medical treatment website. This information is provided free of charge and free of warranty or guarantee of any kind. The ONLY recommendation that is made is that you consult with your doctor and medical team for any of your health concerns. For education purposes only and not to be utilized to diagnose or treat any illness. This document was compiled and authored by Dennis Buettner, from publicly available websites. Contents of this document have not been created, reviewed, edited, or approved by Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, in any manner, fashion or form, and do not represent his medical advice or opinion. Communicate with your personal doctor.



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