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I am amazed!! - Mom Back in school!

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Message Details:

Subject: My son's habit cough

Country: USA

Message: Hello, I am writing to thank you for sharing your story.

If I hadn't stumbled upon your daughter's story, I do not know how long my son, XXXXX, would have gone with no diagnosis or relief.

Thankfully, he has only suffered for a few weeks. I cannot even imagine going has long as Bethany did with no answers.

His cough began after a typical cold but lingered on with no successful treatment.

I was desperate for answers and found your YouTube video. After watching it, I knew without a doubt that my son had habit cough.

He watched the video several times and seemed to show some signs of improvement, but that evening it all began again. (Dennis note: After immediate cure as noted by Dr. Weinberger, the patient needs to recover. Recovery is all about practice, practice, practice as noted HERE.)

So, out of a leap of faith, I guess you could say, I emailed Dr. Weinberger. He responded within hours and told me to give him a call.

I was astounded that he replied so quickly and was so willing to help out of the kindness of his heart.

After talking with him over the phone, he had a Skype conversation with my son the very next day.

That was on Sunday, and the cough has been gone ever since!!!

He has a breakthrough cough once in a while, but he immediately takes control. I am amazed!!

Dr. Weinberger is so caring and passionate about helping these children who suffer with this baffling syndrome.

He seems to truly want to educate anyone he can.

I actually work in the medical field, and I told him I would share his information and research with any doctor I come in contact with.

Thank you once again for sharing your story! I will now share ours as well! Sincerely, JP


I just wanted to give you an update in XXXXX.  He is doing wonderful! He has only had a few, singular breakthrough coughs since he spoke with you yesterday. When that happens, he instantly takes control over them. I have already forwarded your information to his doctor and will definitely share it with the pulmonologist.  Thank you again for taking your own personal time to help us! We are forever grateful!


The P Family

P.S. I attached a photo, so you can put faces with the family.

From Dennis - We could not be more proud of your son and YOU for awesome mommying! Without your love, devotion & tenacity his cure might have been delayed.



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