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Hypnosis Versus "Weinberger Procedure" aka (Suggestion Therapy)

When Bethany's "horror cough" was still undiagnosed, violent and vicious, we went to see a pediatric pulmonology specialist nearby.

After Bethany left the room for parental consultation, the wonderful doctor went over some thoughts on why she was coughing ~ and what to do for treatment. (Note: No mention of a cure or when the vicious cough might stop.) During our conversation, I subtly removed the cap off of my black Sharpie, and scribbled the word, "hypnosis" on a notepad without losing eye contact.

The doctor looked over and saw what I wrote. He pointed at it and nodded approvingly.

For Bethany's, diagnosis, treatment, (and eventual cure) we wanted to stay in the lane of modern medicine and found the name of Dr. Ran D. Anbar, MD.

As you will see below, he was the person who first mentioned the name, Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD to us.

For a pediatric pulmonologist/medical hypnotist to refer us away from hypnotism, to Dr. Weinberger told me that there was something bigger at hand.

Dr. Anbar is a trained pediatric pulmonologist and a medical hypnotist. We HIGHLY recommend him if you are in La Jolla, Ca. He has performed The Weinberger Procedure in-office with fantastic success. HERE Note: Since we never had Bethany hypnotised for her habit cough (or anything else) and is only about the peer reviewed and published work of Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, this is about how deep we will ever go with fine respect of hypnosis. Contact Dr. Anbar for any concerns about pediatric hypnotism. He is wonderful.

Indeed, something bigger was at hand! Thanks, Dr. Anbar!



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