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HUGE - 3 instant cures from Ireland. All back in school!

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Special note: We JUST received an email from an ecstatic and pleasantly shocked pediatrician in Ireland concerning verified diagnosed cases of Habit Cough in children. Cured!

Dear Dr. Weinberger,


Just want to say that I have referred 3 patients thus far to the website [video] which is very helpful.

I stopped all medications, much to the surprise of parents, to come back thanking me.

Many thanks for a very helpful website

Best wishes, 


From Dennis -

Word has come that a colleague of Dr. Weinberger's from Ireland referred 3 patients to Here is what I sent back to Dr. Weinberger.

"Dr. Weinberger, Just read your email aloud to Mommy and Bethany. Here is my HUGE takeaway!

Unless you have received any communication from a parent in Ireland (I have not.) The Weinberger Procedure is indeed in the wild. People, know what to do. They have to be so shocked and in utter disbelief that watching a simple video of a humble man talking to a little girl instantly cured their forsaken child." - Dennis

Dennis - My favorite part - "... I stopped all medications..." No need for medicine when Habit Cough is properly diagnosed and treated in person - by Skype - or by proxy watching a simple video.



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