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After a lifetime of mystery horror coughs, young boy is instantly and permanently cured!

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Just imagine ~ your child is instantly and permanently cured from a lifetime of the most vicious and horrifying illness; simply by watching a YouTube documentary. (Hard; almost insane to believe, but read all about it HERE, and HERE.)

"Instantly and permanently cured; like turning off a light switch!" - Dad.

Seldom, if ever, in medical history has a medical doctor ever been able to state the word, "cure".

Think about it.

This mommy heard, "treat", "suppress", and, "... we'll keep an eye on it", for most of her sweet child's life, but she never the word, "cure". (EVER ~ until now!)

When have you EVER heard the word, "cure" about one of the most horrifying and incurable illnesses in your life and in the history of humankind?

Probably ~ never!

Maybe years, decades, or even centuries later, you will hear the story from times of old, but to witness a medical doctor who constantly "cures" his patients - now - is just not something that happens on a routine basis.

"I think I'd like to say, or ask 2 things: (1) My relief in finding someone who recognizes and understands what will help my son and (2) I wish I knew what has caused this lifetime of chronic coughing." - Grateful mom

Unsolicited submissions like this are received by Dr. Weinberger on an almost daily basis. They are wonderfully shocking, and bring him great joy and satisfaction.

Dear Dr. Weinberger, 1. My (11 yo) son's cough is now completely gone.

(Mom was referred to by their trusted pediatric pulmonologist after a lifetime of mystery horror cough that just could not be treated let alone cured.)

2. Yes, almost immediately we noticed increased time in between coughs. (After watching Dr. Weinberger's chronic cough cure video, mom reported that after a lifetime of horror coughing, where no doctor or medicine could help, her son was instantly and permanently cured in mere minutes. She was in complete and utter shock that her son was cured simply by watching a YouTube documentary. Yes, cured by watching a documentary video.)

I (Mom) watched the video on my own first to have an idea of what it would be. I had my son (age 11) watch the video next. His cough was completely gone within 48 hours- hard for me to imagine.

We are 3 weeks out from starting the Habit Cough treatment, (simply watching the documentary) and he says he still gets an occasional tickle or urge to cough, but he is able to control it.

We relate to most things in Bethany's video- uncontrollable coughing, disrupted life, missed school, feeling like I couldn't help my son.

"I felt emotional watching Bethany coughing, and watching her working hard to control it, like I wanted to help and encourage her. I felt emotional thinking of her parents as well, knowing how stressful it feels to not be able to help you child." - Mom of 11 year old boy who was instantly and permanently cure; simply by watching a YouTube documentary video.

Leading up to bedtime was his worst time- he'd have repetitive, barking coughs all day and worsening in the evening.

His only relief came from sleeping and occasionally if he was really distracted by a good book or video game.

Coughing would resume shortly after waking in the morning.

Since he was about 4 years old, he would have episodes of a barking cough about every 6-8 weeks. The episodes were controlled with 3-5 days of Prednisolone for years.

Around age 8, he was prescribed Atrovent inhaler to use at the first sign of barking cough- this worked well for 3 years, significantly reducing the need for Prednisolone.

This April(2021), he began coughing after swimming one day. It wasn't controlled with the Atrovent so we started his Prednisolone - but the Prednisolone didn't help like it usually does - even when the doctor doubled the dose.

He went through 2 months of non-stop coughing with no relief from the nebulizer, inhaler, steroid, or tessalon perles. He recently had a 2nd bronchoscopy to rule out any changes from a previous bronch- everything looked normal. It was after this recent bronchoscopy our pulmonologist sent us to the Habit Cough website.

I think I'd like to say or ask 2 things: (1) My relief in finding someone who recognizes and understands what will help my son and (2) I wish I knew what has caused this lifetime of chronic coughing. - Grateful mom!

Note: Information received and published might be edited for clarity. - Editor



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