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Doctor Has Incredible Remedy For Nonstop Coughing And You Can Watch It On YouTube

Thanks to a wonder doctor named Miles Weinberger, he has managed to help people cure their non-stop coughing problems in a rather eccentric way. Dr. Weinberger, who is cough researcher, pediatric pulmonologist, and immunologist who has become incredibly famous recently for his cure for ‘coughing without a cause.’ And you don’t even have to visit him in the doctor’s office.

Apparently, people can turn to YouTube to watch a video to see what his methods are all about. Known as The Weinberger Procedure, there has never been an effective and quick method to help cure the ‘habit cough,’ especially a treatment that was completely free either and could skip a trip to the clinic.

For the father of a 12-year old girl, he shares just how relieved he was when his daughter was finally cured by Dr. Weinberger just 30 minutes into their Skype tele-conference. In fact, he’s so in awe of the doctor that he chose to post the video session online in order to both publish and publicize this newfound revolutionary treatment information for refractory unexplained chronic cough for all to witness.

Published in 2020, one study that included more than 9,000 adults above the age of 45 had at least 10 percent in the group suffering from a chronic cough. While a large number of patients had respiratory issues that caused their cough which should be checked out by a doctor, they study also showed that a number of the patients suffering from a chronic cough had no identifiable underlying cause, making it that much harder to treat.

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