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"If I can do it, you can too!" - Bethany

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

People ask how The Habit Cough Association™ came to be.

Click HERE to learn all about how a 12 year old junior medical researcher's website is now routinely utilized and referred to by renowned medical doctors from major medical centers around the world to instantly and permanently cure their worst case chronic habit cough patients. It is a wonderful story.

This is Bethany's inspirational message to children, adults and senior citizens alike from around the world, who have all been instantly and permanently cured from their vicious and violent chronic habit cough.

Some people have asked what part Bethany takes on a daily basis with regards to updating and building The Habit Cough Association.

First, I can say that Dr. Weinberger, Mommy, Daddy (me), her grandparents, family and friends are very proud of Bethany. This is what happens on a daily & weekly basis.

- Bethany reviews each new case of habit cough submitted to Dr. Weinberger. She is really good at picking out nuances that might elude me and even Dr. Weinberger. I report back to Dr. Weinberger. Bethany normally listens into the calls and learns. Note: She is learning as she is working. Nobody; let alone a teenager has ever spent such effort on a medical web/fansite.

- Bethany reviews each of the cure map entries. She is evolving to take over management of the cure map. This is a big responsibility and she is a fast learner.

- Bethany is quite artistic. She also has the carefree mind of a child. She is updating the graphics of the website. She utilizes highly technical graphic design tools. She is currently taking college level courses in the Adobe Creative Cloud platform.

- Bethany is learning scriptwriting. She is currently editing a long form documentary about Dr. Weinberger and his brilliant work. Her favorite part is performing voiceover for the project. The project should be completed and released by November, 2021.

- Bethany is learning about project planning and forecasting to ensure that any important stories are presented to members of the press to get the most feedback from the international press and research community.

- Bethany routinely places Zoom calls with children recovering from habit cough all around the world. It is by special request of Dr. Weinberger that she is "Director of Peer Counseling" at The Habit Cough Association™. She has spoken with pediatric patients all across the USA and Canada. She has also had video calls to China, England, North Macedonia and more. It is precious to watch. Dr. Weinberger told Bethany that she is the first hero that these children meet in real life. The most fascinating part is when the parents see her. All are excited to talk with her. Some actually break down and sob out of joy. She was told by one of the most renowned medical doctors in the world that her video will have untold positive impact as children and adults around the world will be cured over the next 50 - 75 years just by watching her video. Note: All in attendance of the Zoom call heartily agreed. As a dad; it was a wonderful moment to observe.

- Bethany has been practicing her public speaking. Dr. Weinberger hopes to travel with her and daddy to all the training hospitals around the USA and even the world. She will not be ready until she is 17. It will be a wonderful world tour.

- So much energy from such a sweet young teenage girl. Bethany recognizes that she is only the messenger for the brilliance of Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD. She appreciates his confidence in her. (So do we.) We cannot wait to see what she accomplishes in the future. She is our hero!

Dr. Weinberger states that "recovery" from habit cough is the most important part of The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy. Some children adults and seniors want to just "give up", but they all tell us that "... if Bethany can do it; I can to it too!"

This is the most wonderful and powerful thing to hear from people in numerous countries around the world who have suffered for so long. Wow!

Now, onward to all rural and medically underserved countries, states, cities, towns, villages and camps around the world. You can help us to bring this most inspirational cure to the world.



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