Cured in Minutes After 3.5 Years of Horror Cough. Back in school!

Updated: 6 days ago

This family used The Weinberger Cessation Session and BOOM! Done. Off like a switch - after 3.5 years! Wow. I cannot even imagine the effort this family made. The world thanks you, Dr. Weinberger!

Thank you for sharing your Skype session and story with the world!! After 3 1/2 grueling years with this exact same cough, my 10-year-old now has success, healing, and RELIEF! Our family is over-the-moon excited and praising God right now for Dr. Weinberger and your family. Bless you

From Bethany's daddy - It took Bethany awhile to be completely cough free (see timeline above), so don't be worried. A month later, Bethany had an ear infection and started with Habit Cough all over again. When I mentioned it to Dr. Weinberger, he said, "... she knows what to do." After we spoke with Bethany - her cough was gone like a light switch!


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