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Chronic Cough Cure ~ Deep Dive

For your independent validation & verification (IV&V): All of Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD's instant and permanent cough cure research on this website has been "peer reviewed and published" in the most esteemed medical journals since 1991, with independent validation & verification websites. HERE & HERE. There is absolutely no cost or fee associated with any part of his instant & permanent cure here. It is his gift to the world.

"The most unexpected, unintended & unprecedented discovery in medical history ~ not witnessed since the accidental discovery of penicillin! A paradigm shift in peer reviewed and published, curative medicine. A free gift from Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, 50 year pediatric pulmonologist & cough researcher, for all the children and adults around the world." - DB

The full length, curative documentary video is free (above). There are NO drugs associated with this instant & permanent cure. It is available 7/24/365. It can be viewed in multiple languages. The cure is available everywhere in the world - now! Dr. Weinberger has received verified reports of cures in children as young as 3, and adults with over 25 years of vicious, refractory, unexplained chronic cough. His video has been peer reviewed and published. The original video is held in the permanent video library of The American Thoracic Society (ATS).

When complete, please read the "recovery" page HERE. Always consult with, and trust your doctors for any diagnosis and recommendations for treatment. This website does NOT provide any type of medical advice.

The powerful cough cure documentary above is the full-length version of the curative session. It is the singular video utilized by the patients referred by the medical institutions above. Their patients were instantly and permanently cured in minutes just by watching it. No drugs are needed. Preview version HERE. There is never a fee or paywall of any kind on this website. The Weinberger Procedure by proxy is Dr. Weinberger's gift to the world. This video will be the best 35 minutes of your day.

Ensure that you consult with your doctor before watching this curative video documentary. We know this sounds absolutely absurd, but simply by watching the video documentary, following Dr. Weinberger's instructions, and sipping on water, children and adults all around the world are instantly & permanently cured from the most vicious & violent, mystery, "horror coughs" ~ in minutes (and sometimes only seconds). Because so many doctors and patients from around the world might question our use of the "C" word; "cure". I will explain to you the brilliance that I witness every day. You will most certainly agree, as do medical teams from renowned medical centers (Great story), around the world, and more that use of the words "cure" as well as "instant" & "permanent" are quite appropriate.

Note: Cough aerosol spreads virus, influenza and disease. Cure the cough, and halt the cough aerosol spread of virus, influenza and disease around the world! Cured! We are about to inform you that chronic cough diagnosed as "habit cough" has be officially, instantly & permanently cured in children AND adults around the world, just by watching a simple peer reviewed and published YouTube documentary. Yes, by watching a documentary video (below). Remember that cough is the #1 reason for doctor office visits, and there has never been a repeatable, instant and permanent cure for cough in the history of humankind.

We know that seeing or hearing "cure" sounds quite unusual. You've probably never hear cure with regard to your unexplained chronic cough. It is a most audacious claim! We were indeed, beyond skeptical, as our child just could not stop coughing over 5,000 times per day (only while awake). We were hopeless, helpless and forsaken, as no doctor, medicine, hospital or procedure in the world could assist her in any way, until she was instantly cured in minutes during a Skype call. A documentary video, created from that call, posted on YouTube, is now instantly and permanently curing children and adults around the world ~ "by-proxy". Yes, by watching a YouTube documentary, and following simple instructions is curing what has been incurable since the beginning of humankind. Hard to believe; but it is true (peer reviewed and published), real and amazing, as noted on Dr. Weinberger's verified World Habit Cough Map HERE.


Seldom, in our world today, do we see the word, "cure," with regard to a vicious and relentless illness, that has confounded, perplexed, and baffled doctors, scientists & researchers since the dawn of time.

A permanent cure for acute & chronic cough has so confounded medical and pharmaceutical researchers that they relented on finding a cure, and now, only try to research and develop drugs, medicine & procedures to temporarily suppress it (with only variations on honey and sugar since medieval times) ~ with scant, to no success - ever! Remember - "There are currently no approved therapies for the treatment of refractory chronic cough (RCC) or unexplained chronic cough (UCC)."

Dr. Weinberger was not content with temporary suppression of cough. He went all in, for an instant and permanent chronic cough cure. He succeeded by creating a cure for the most vicious coughing in children and adults; all around the world ~ by-proxy. If it cures the most vicious coughs, imagine what it can do to all the coughs that aren't so vicious. Now, when a new unassociated cough appears, Dr. Weinberger has received reports of patients "chasing away" their new acute coughs, with previous knowledge of The Weinberger Procedure. More on this as we progress, but he did update his diagnosis to include "acute cough" as part of his cure. This is big news, and as he receives more feedback from parents and adult patients; more medical science be revealed. Normally, when one reads claim of a "cure," it is "fake news," or there is an asterisk or disclaimer hiding in the small print, explaining that is not really a cure after all. We have neither!

Cure is a powerful, yet controversial word to state about a heretofore incurable illness, and if used improperly, or flagrantly, without validation via peer reviewed and published documentation, can be quite troublesome; especially under the scrutiny of the Internet today.

We use the word "cure" with full confidence and validation of peer reviewed and published documentation since 1991, AND video evidence; and from medical doctors around the world.

You may have not ever heard the word "cure" from your doctor, about your cough. You probably heard them say temporary terms, like "treat", "suppress" & "... we will keep an eye on it" ~ but never the word "cure". This is because, until now, there has never been an actual, permanent cure for chronic cough, let alone one "by-proxy" (watching a YouTube documentary) in the history of humankind. Thankfully, all this has changed, as of now. We state "cure" because The Weinberger Procedure provides an ACTUAL instant and permanent cure ~ not just a temporary suppression of chronic cough. We explain how confident we are in our use of the "C" word; "cure" HERE.

Dr. Weinberger has been the invited & honored, keynote speaker for renowned pulmonology medical teams. Each medical team member now knows how to diagnose, cure and provide important recovery advice for even the most vicious and relentless cases of chronic cough; easily diagnosed in children and adults; properly known as "habit cough" since 1694.

Click HERE to watch the video of Dr. Weinberger's "Functional Respiratory Disorders in Children" presentation to the top pediatric pulmonologists in the USA, from Children's National Hospital in Washington, D.C.. (Top 10 hospital.) It includes his entire habit cough core lecture.

Each and every medical professional witnessing Dr. Weinberger's brilliant curative presentation (for the last 40 years) wishes to meet, and know the man who cures chronic cough in children and adults simply by watching a YouTube documentary (by-proxy). They are mesmerized and utterly amazed. To quote one excited, yet reasonable doctor, "... your video with Bethany is the most historic Skype call in history!"* (All doctors in attendance on the Zoom call emphatically agreed!)

If you still find this hard, or even impossible to believe (as we did), or even fake news, please read renowned (story) doctors referred their hopeless, helpless and forsaken patient, Willie, to be instantly and permanently cured ~ after all medicine, procedures & treatments failed. Willie coughed 14-18 hours per day for months on end. His doctors were pleasantly shocked and beyond amazed when Willie was instantly and permanently cured in mere minutes by watching a simple YouTube documentary.

Dr. Weinberger's story will be one of the greatest stories that you will ever read. It's said that his is "... like witnessing the accidental discovery of penicillin and capturing it on video, to cure the world of coughing." There will be a new & unprecedented paradigm of curative cough medicine in children and adults, as his Weinberger Procedure by-proxy makes its way around the world and back!

Read about Bethany's goal to bring The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy, to people of all of the rural and medically underserved continents, countries, states, cities, towns and villages around the world. HERE

Onward to the video below! Please report your outcome back to Dr. Weinberger. He thanks you and will want to consult with you and or your doctor at no cost, charge or fee.

Remember to consult with, and trust your medical team. This website does not provide any medical advice. Nothing you read on this website should EVER be considered medical advice.

*"... your video with Bethany is the most historic Skype call in history." Referring to Dr. Weinberger's pre-Covid-19 (February 2019) curative documentary video (below) in a video conference call with multiple pediatric pulmonologists and other medical doctor.s. This is quite believable, since so many children, adults and seniors have been cured; simply by by watching the cough cure documentary.

No costs or fees - ever. None!

Cured! "...[the patient's] incessant cough stopped within seconds", "... and her [mother's] jaw dropped." - NT, MD, FAAP, FCCP, D, ABSM, Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics Note: Normally the cure takes minutes. This unsolicited email even surprised Dr. Weinberger.

Available at no cost in English, Македонски, Español, Deutsche, Türk, 普通话

All that is necessary to facilitate The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy anywhere in the world is cellphone, tablet or computer of any kind. If YouTube is not available in your area, or you wish to download the files directly, the videos are located HERE and HERE.

Special note: Dr. Weinberger would like to communicate with you as a parent of a child, or as an adult suffering from suspected Habit Cough. He does NOT charge any fee, as all information assists in his continued research. He rapidly communicates with parents and adults around the world. Click HERE and submit a form that will arrive immediately at his personal email in San Diego, Ca., USA. Participation is not obligatory. Please read on.

We searched tirelessly for months, hoping and begging for someone to even whisper the word "cure". "Treatment", yes! "Cure" - never - that is, until we read this 1991 peer-reviewed and published study by Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD. It states the word "cure" 4 times. HERE Does your child, or do you, (as an adult) suffer from an unexplained, repetitive, "daytime only", cough? Is the acute or chronic, daytime only, cough absent once asleep (even though it might be difficult to fall asleep)?

Note: Lingering, daytime only, repetitive, cough which is "absent once asleep" is THE most important part of Dr. Weinberger's diagnosis which leads to his drug-free; no cost; cure & recovery.

Has your doctor only been able to diagnose your cough as a "medically unexplained chronic cough" and provide a "treatment" but never a "cure" for your chronic cough? Have you received no diagnosis at all? Consider telling them about The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy.

Does the cough return in the morning only to continue throughout your daytime awake hours? Has it lingered while awake (only) for days, weeks, months, years, or even decades? Was is preceded by an upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) or some other illness or stress? Has it been called your "daytime cough"?

​Welcome to medical professionals from rural, free, community health centers (CHC), federally qualified health centers (FQHC) & Indigenous health clinics in the USA & around the world.

- Please volunteer to translate into your local language/dialect. -

Click HERE to view all of Dr. Weinberger's brilliant and life-changing work.



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