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Habit Cough or Cough Variant Asthma (CVA)

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

I made this post on a Facebook group called Cough Variant Asthma HERE.

I have included numerous links and references.

You need to "deep dive" this to understand what is going on with your child's health or yours. I make every attempt to link only to "peer reviewed and published" documents.

Note: Websites like,, and similar are a great place to start.

They are each peer reviewed, so that you can believe what you see on the website.

Remember that a LOT of medicine is "peer reviewed and published".

Some information might seem contradictory. This is because everyone is different and outcomes ALWAYS vary.

Deep dive for your child or self. This is how we got this far with Bethany's Habit Cough cure. Never give up. Never give in. Ask a lot of questions. Show your doctors only peer reviewed and published documentation.

Dr. Weinberger's peer reviewed and published work (since 1991) has been incredibly popular, due to its instant chronic cough cure capabilities. Tell your doctor about his repository of peer reviewed and published work HERE. Check out the doctors and hospitals currently utilizing or referring The Weinberger Procedure by proxy. Please review Dr. Weinberger's World Habit Cough Cure Map. It is quite amazing by any standard. HERE

My takeaway is Cough Variant Asthma versus Habit Cough is noted below. Here is a link to a deep dive on CVA. Again, not medical advice; just my takeaway from my daughter's misdiagnosis and proper diagnosis. Thanks Dr. Weinberger.

Our daughter's misdiagnosed mystery cough was cured by a renowned pediatric pulmonologist, allergy and asthma - medical doctor. (They were going to claim diagnosis of CVA next.)

My impression of important diagnosis and differences between CVA & Habit Cough: For our daughter, only, I found out that "... Cough absent during sleep would suggest Habit Cough. A trial of an oral corticosteroid with response might indicate CVA with cough present during sleep (a more extensive differential diagnosis of chronic cough would need to be considered) ..." Bethany's cough was absent during sleep - it was Habit Cough! Brilliantly researched and cured as you will read below.

Our daughter was misdiagnosed with EVERYTHING. She coughed 500,000 times with no medicine or procedure that would help the tiniest bit.

Just published, "Cures of the cough without a cause" - HERE

Pediatric Pulmonologist, Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, cured sweet Bethany in only 10 minutes with his peer reviewed and published procedure. (Some children were cured in less than 15 minutes after non-stop cough; 14 hours a day for 5+ years. Again, peer reviewed and published.)

Facebook group for CVA HERE

Every part of his research and procedure is peer reviewed and published. (This means it was reviewed and debated by medical doctors and then published in the most respectable and regarded medical journals. It is the gold standard in medical research and cures.)

Dr. Weinberger actually wants to hear from parents and folks who might suspect Habit Cough. He does not charge any money. He makes his diagnosis and treatment free to further his research into diagnosis and cure of Habit Cough. (again, read the diagnosis on ) << Bethany's story.

(This is big news.) Now, her miracle cure story was researched and documented by Dr. Weinberger and has been peer reviewed, referenced and published in multiple medical journals like:

Chest (Chest is a peer-reviewed medical journal covering chest diseases and related issues, including pulmonology, cardiology, thoracic surgery, transplantation, breathing, airway diseases, and emergency medicine. The journal was established in 1935.)*

- and -

Annals (The Annals of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology is a monthly peer-reviewed medical journal covering allergy, asthma, and immunology. The journal was established in 1943 under the name Annals of Allergy, obtaining its current name in 1995.).

Now it turns out that The Weinberger Procedure instantly cures adults with refractory acute or chronic cough diagnosed as Habit Cough. (peer reviewed and published)

Here is his website: I made this as a fansite for him. He gives his cure away for free to the forsaken children and adults around the world. I make no money either. It is my thanks for him curing our daughter.

This map is the instant verified cures from Chronic Cough - Habit Cough.

I am just thankful dad that after our daughter's nightmare we found Dr. Weinberger. I have worked in the space industry for 30 years and led a simple life until this mystery cough almost crushed our family's life.

Email me direct: or you can call me. I will call back. 410-852-6928

This is my opinion based on my experience with our daughter. I provide no medical advice.

Tell your doctor about the "peer reviewed and published documents" at ;-)

It was not a tic! - Dennis



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