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Chronic Cough and Causes in Children - Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD.

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Dr. Weinberger was asked to write and submit this awesome editorial by the editors of the world renowned Journal of Clinical Medicine.

Even though it discusses "causes;" it also discusses his medical paradigm shifting chronic cough procedure which as proven 95% effective at providing an instant and permanent cure for cough which is absent once asleep: only to return once awake to become your "daytime cough."

His cough cure procedure is provided at no cost or fee in 8 languages for children and adults. HERE

Click below for the complete paper. It is a terrific read by Dr. Weinberger. He has been a cough cure researcher for over 40 years. His cough cure procedure is equally effective in children and adults.

JCM Chronic Cough
Download PDF • 817KB



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