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Bethany's Science Fair Project - Done!

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Click HERE to see progress with Bethany and her Habit Cough science fair project. Project is done and turned in. She learned so much. So many children and adults instantly cured from their own horror cough. Wow. Great job Dr. Weinberger. Same to you, Bethany. Dr. Weinberger is so proud of you.

Check out the video above. Bethany did voiceover for both buttons. On the left is the example of her Habit Cough and Patrick's (Age 10 from San Diego) and the one on the right is her therapy session with Dr. Weinberger. These things are really cool. You basically make an audio, then save it as MP3 and drag/drop it onto it as "G Drive". Way cool. - Daddy



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