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Before it was called Chronic Cough, it was known as Habitual Cough in 1694.

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Here is one of Dr. Weinberger's latest peer reviewed and published paper called:

Diagnosis and management of chronic cough [diagnosed as habit cough]: similarities and differences between children and adults

The best takeaway is noted below. Years before the term "chronic cough" was used, the term "Habitual Cough" was the diagnosis.

Remember the terms "acute", and "chronic" are all about the amount of days, weeks, months, or years that the cough has been occurring.

Even over 300 years ago, this type of refractory, intractable, nonproductive cough was known to be "habitual", or as Dr. Weinberger stated in his paper, "... chronic cough may be some form of learned or neurogenic stimulation or damage initiated by the initial pathology."

We have a more in depth article about "The 1694 document." HERE.



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