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Atlas of Science - Chronic Cough Cured by Proxy

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Word of Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD's brilliant paradigm shift in curative medicine is becoming more well known by adult doctors/pulmonologists and pediatricians as well as pediatric pulmonologists.

We thank the world renowned Atlas of Science for assisting Dr. Weinberger with his research.

These trusted and brilliant doctors at renowned medical centers around the world now "typically" and "routinely" refer their worst case patients to Dr. Weinberger. They provide their hopeless, helpless, forsaken and desperate patients a simple habit cough diagnosis.

After a diagnosis of habit cough, they instruct their patients to watch a YouTube documentary ~ and they will be cured? Oh, and they need to have a glass of room temperature water, just like the little girl being cured in the documentary.

The whole process of a cure normally takes 15 - 30 minutes. Dr. Weinberger's habit cough cure rate is well above 95%. Recovery (the most important part) can take a week or two of practice according to Dr. Weinberger. HERE

Who could possibly believe that watching a YouTube documentary could actually cure a horror cough that some people have suffered from, for as long as they can remember?

Their doctors believe ~ and know that they will be cured! Here's what doctors, parents and patients write to Dr. Weinberger -

The world of adult and pediatric pulmonology is actually small, or one might say that it is a close knit community. When a brilliant cure is announced, the collective group of doctors takes a pause. They now have to review the diagnosis of each of their chronic cough patients.

"Habit cough is identified as an involuntary daily repetitive dry cough that is absent during sleep. The coughing can be as often as every few minutes or every few seconds. It can continue for weeks, months, and even years." - Dr. Weinberger's diagnosis.

Here's a wonderful inclusion of Dr. Weinberger's work in world renowned Swedish science journal "The Atlas of Science". All information in the publication is peer reviewed and published by Dr. Weinberger since 1991.

Click HERE for the entire awesome story.

The world renowned Atlas of Science was started by scientists to promote the dissemination of scientific research.

They believe that the spread of the latest scientific results, and in particular the researcher’s own interpretation of these results could be more efficient.

Atlas of Science provides the opportunity for scientists to write and publish a short and accessible summary (Layman summary) of their latest research. The summaries should be based on peer-reviewed articles.

For Scientists:

Atlas of Science is established to help scientists share, and to bring science to the broader audience. The publication of Layman summaries by academic researchers and access to these summaries for the general public will always be free of charge.

Here is some more of Dr. Weinberger's associated work from Atlas of Science and more. Click HERE, or on the image to view the entire manuscript.




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