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Saudi Arabia - Translated into Arabic and cured by daddy!

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

-- Notice to physicians and researchers - All medical research on this website is peer reviewed and published with offsite links to  & esteemed medical journals  for your validation. --

Special Global Translation Instant Cure Update: Powerful Story of Love & Cure

Disclaimer: The Weinberger Procedure DOES NOT cure any virus or disease as noted below.

Worldwide virus & influenza / Weinberger Procedure update per numerous requests: 

Dateline Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, February 24, 2020: Completion of worldwide chronic cough cough instant cure survey #1, called, "Instantly cure the chronic cough diagnosed as Habit Cough, and immediately halt the potential for cough-generated aerosol transmission of virus and disease."

Developing instant cure backstory - Bilingual father, Naif, and his Arabic only speaking daughter, Samr, age 10, live in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Forsaken and traumatized, Samr hopelessly and helplessly suffered from a loud, violent, vicious and relentless, idiopathic, chronic  refractory  cough of over 1,000,000+ times in 8.5 months (over 4,000 coughs/day). She coughed from the minute she awoke, non-stop, until the minute she fell asleep. Samr slept through the night. "The repetitive barking cough that is NOT present once the child [or adult] is asleep is the diagnostic criteria. [for Habit Cough in children and adults]".

Samr slept without the cough being present.

Daddy used his English as a second language skills to almost instantly find Dr. Weinberger's video with Bethany. He watched it and just stared at the screen as every single occurance in Bethany's nightmare was replicated in his sweet Samr - thousands of miles away. Naif made contact via the website and was instantly reassured that if the diagnosis was indeed Habit Cough, an instant cure was just moments away! He knew that minute he spoke with Dennis, Jennifer and Bethany via Skype that his daughter's nightmare was almost over.

It was near impossible for Samr to go outside of her home, attend school, or travel in public due to her inability to stop coughing loudly, thousands of times per day. People were VERY concerned and scared from all of her coughing.

After 7 doctor/specialists and countless visits, procedures and ineffective medicine (no procedure or medicine to cure chronic cough - Habit Cough exists anywhere in the world - at any price), precious Samr has been instantly and permanently cured without any more drugs in less than 10 minutes - by watching, peer reviewed and published, The Weinberger Procedure - "by proxy" on YouTube. (Yes, this is actually what happened as instructed in Dr. Weinberger's peer reviewed and published papers and letters).

Naif translated and read Dr. Weinberger's peer reviewed and published, simple to read, autosuggestion script. Naif had written out the script translating it from English into Arabic. (after learning English only 4 years ago) Naif told Samr to listen to him and respond as if he were speaking for Dr. Weinberger in Arabic.

To Naif and his tight knit family's complete shock and astonishment, his sweet Samr's cure from over 1,000,000 horror coughs was instant and QUITE OBVIOUS. CURED!

It was all Naif could do to keep from crying during his simple reading Dr. Weinberger's curative words to Samir, but he did! (Dr. Weinberger is so proud of Samr and Naif.)

Naif's sweet child had 1 minor cough in the next 45 minutes (we gave her a free pass for this one).

This is the first known cure from Chronic Cough - Habit Cough in Arabic and is now easily replicable to cure all the children, adults and elderly in Saudi Arabia and the entire Middle East.

Naif wants his story to give hope to parents and the elderly to instantly cure their horror cough. Samr is proud of her father and has a wonderful bond with him. He made her cough go away.

More information is available in confidence via a Skype call to me while Dr. Weinberger recovers from bypass surgery. 

There have been MANY variations of the way people are treated with The Weinberger Procedure.

1. In a doctor's office. (Normally a 1 hour session. Utilized for special needs patients and extreme cases, but many extreme cases have been cured by proxy, watching the YouTube video.)

2. Over the telephone. (Normally a 1 hour session, but now a Skype session.)

3. Via Skype by doctor or medical provider. (Normally a 1 hour session.)

4. Watching the video on YouTube by-proxy in multiple languages << This one is THE most important because anyone can do it anywhere in the world, soon in all languages. (Normally a 45-60 minute session.)

5. Read by parent in English, Arabic, or Spanish. (Normally a 1 hour session.)

6. Recreated from memory by parent. (Normally a 1 hour session.)

7. Translated and read by parent in: Arabic, Spanish, English (Normally a 1 hour session.)

8. Listening to the audio portion only while driving or sitting in a chair (Bethany did this. Abby did this too.) Normally a 1 hour session. Also utilized on days 1 - 5 of recovery.

All have been deemed acceptable variations of The Weinberger Procedure and recorded as such for future research. Always consult your trusted medical doctors.

The Weinberger Procedure is doctor recommended all around the world.



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