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Amazing Instant Cure Email We Received From Tennessee. Back in school.

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Austin, age 10 from Tennessee was helpless, hopeless and forsaken by a non-stop horrendous cough that had (until now) no cure. He was instantly cured of a vicious and relentless rare disease called Habit Cough in literal minutes by watching a video of Bethany watching a Skype call to Dr. Weinberger. Astonishing.

Mom, Dad knew that they would figure out how to help him; and she did some good mommying.

Mom found The Weinberger Procedure on after all kinds of medicine and procedures were utilized and (of course) none of the medicine worked. Only The Weinberger Procedure works in minutes like magic.

Pass this along.

Most doctors don't have any idea about how to diagnose and treat Habit Cough. This is about that horrible vicious cough that Bethany had that kept her out of school for 100 days. Who would have thought that Bethany's horror cough video therapy by Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, Pediatric Pulmonologist would rescue and cure so many children AND now adults around the world. Thank you Dr. Miles Weinberger.

If you don't know, read up on Bethany's instant cure from Habit Cough on a fansite that Dennis Buettner made:

Every day that Dennis Buettner reads me another story from a formerly helpless, hopeless and forsaken mom or dad from around the world, we cry - together. No longer sadness and hopelessness.

Now, it is not out of sadness, it is for the joy of happy families from Australia, USA, Canada, England and more.

This 10 year old boy, Austin, from Tennessee had a vicious variety of Habit Cough and had relentless coughing fits every 30 seconds - all day for a month. (Some children cough non-stop 14 hours a day for over 4 years.)

He watched a video of Bethany talking to Dr. Weinberger on a Skype call and - BOOM! - cured of his horror cough in only 10 minutes.

Read what mommy wrote above. We are so proud of Austin (Tennessee), Abby & Lilli (Australia), Patrick (California) and all the other boys, girls and adults cured by The Weinberger Procedure (30+ at last count including adults, which was a complete SHOCK). Pass this to any friend whose child has a chronic non-productive cough. Ask them to show their doctor.

Austin's doctors knew nothing about Habit Cough. Dr. Weinberger - what a mighty medicine man!

Gone. Off like a light switch. No more horror cough. Austin's parents were amazed. Austin was instantly cured by watching a video of Bethany in a Skype call with Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, Pediatric Pulmonologist in San Diego, California.



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