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Poof--gone. It's incredible.

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Dr. Weinberger receives the most powerful, wonderful and humbling emails like this - all the time.

They arrive; unsolicited, from towns, cities and countries around the world.

The common theme is that the child or adult chronic cough patient (and their family) was hopeless, helpless and forsaken.

They found Dr. Weinberger and his instant and permanent cure "by-proxy" for what is now properly diagnosed as, "habit cough".

They are diagnosed. They utilize his "by-proxy" procedure. They are instantly & permanently cured - and then, they are back to their best life.

Little did Jennifer and I know, but no cure has ever existed for ANY cough - anywhere in the world, at anytime in history.

To our utter amazement; since medieval times, and to this day, the CDC and NIH can only recommend honey and sugar to temporarily "suppress" and "treat" cough. They NEVER mention a cure for cough on their websites. I did not know this.

With regard to our daughter's cough, the word "cure" seemed to evade each of Bethany's doctors. Then we met Dr. Weinberger and he provided an instant cure for her refractory, unexplained cough.

All that her doctors could say was, "... we can suppress it", or "... treat it", and "... we will keep an eye on it."

Unfortunately, NEVER the word, "cure", was uttered, until the humble medical doctor, researcher from San Diego said, "cure".

People write "... off like a light switch", "... just gone!", "... wow, I couldn't believe what I was seeing!", "... shocking!", "... amazing!"

One of the most unexpected, spectacular and wonderful, unsolicited emails arrived from an Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics. He is the doctor, who teaches the doctors who treat your children. He states:

"Over the years since then I've applied your methods [Weinberger Procedure] many times with near universal success. I can't tell you how many patients you've helped. Over the years I've also routinely advised my fellows to read your papers." Cured! "...[the patient's] incessant cough stopped within seconds", "... and her [mother's] jaw dropped." - NT, MD, FAAP, FCCP, D, ABSM, Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics Note: Normally the cure takes minutes. - This unsolicited email even startled Dr. Weinberger.

This is the latest email from a shocked and grateful father actually used the word, "poof".

Hi Dr. Weinberger,

I wanted to let you know that my son's cough is effectively gone.

I didn't write for two weeks because I didn't want to jinx anything, but it feels like it's just gone.

He watched your video with Bethany one time.

The next day his cough went from 100 times to 50, then to 25, then 1-2 for a few days, and now it's just--poof--gone. It's incredible.

Thank you so much for your work in this field, the video, and for the conversation. You've really helped my son.


Note: This child suffered from a chronic refractory "mystery" cough for 13 months after he recovered from pneumonia. (This seems to be a common occurrence.) It is exactly what Dr. Weinberger found in what he calls, "The 1694 document".


From Dennis: The oldest reference that I knew of was Dr. Berman's 1966 peer reviewed and published paper HERE about Habit Adolescent Children. (This led us to Dr. Weinberger. Had we blinked, we would have missed the whole Habit Cough thing and any potential for Bethany's instant cure.)

The best part is when, after noting the date: 1694, I had a couple buddies assist me deciphering the "Olde English" text on the front page and interior. Printed on Lombard St., & George-Yard, London, England. HERE I included it below the graphic. (The old style "s" looks kind of like a "f", but it is definitely a "s".) Full text HERE.

Basically, this says is "habitual cough, which often continues after the first Cough, which was caused by the Cold, is gone," [post-viral cough]. - This is also very similar to the modern diagnosis of Habit Cough HERE. The only thing missing was "... absence of cough when the child was sleeping." Dr. Weinberger nailed this part for an perfect diagnosis criteria. Note: They did not explain how to cure "Habitual Cough". The world and we would have to wait 325 years for Dr. Weinberger to rescue children and adults from "Habitual Cough" [Habit Cough]. - Dennis



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