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"The characteristics of the self-perpetuating Habit Cough is its repetitiveness and absence once asleep." - Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, 50yr. Cough Researcher.​

We are getting so many success stories of instant cures from around the world. It helps Dr. Weinberger to keep track and assists in his continuing research when you report an instant cure success. It especially helps when you use his "by proxy" video, not to mention Skype or in-person therapy. He wants to know your story. Let him know.


We will contact you to confirm, and then include your story in our world instant cure map HERE.

Amazing instant cure in person,"by Skype" and "by proxy" reports are coming in from around the world!

Here is a map of the reported instant cures from vicious Habit Cough around the world. (Red = children cured Light Blue = adults. cured) For his research, Dr. Weinberger has communicated with or attempted to communicate with each representative parent or person involved. This is general location and information for the person. It shows Skype instant cures with Dr. Weinberger, "in person" and "by proxy" cures just by watching Dr. Weinberger's therapy session video.


Please take a moment to help Dr. Weinberger with his continuing research into the diagnosis and treatment of Chronic Cough - Habit Cough HERE.

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