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Cellphone App Coming Soon!

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Dr. Weinberger states that recovery is the most important part of the diagnosis, and cure of acute, chronic, and decades of unexplained cough ~ easily diagnosed as habit cough.

Dr. Weinberger's cure is also effective in curing post-Covid, long-Covid, post-influenza, and post-viral cough ~ easily diagnosed as habit cough. Read his latest peer reviewed and published paper HERE.

Adult, and child patients need to be reminded to take sips of their water, and practice their simple breathing, and suppression technique. Sometimes they forget ~ especially if they do not have a caregiver, or minder to remind them. We have received numerous requests from adult patients, and parents of child patients to create an app that can assist in recovery from up to decades of refractory unexplained chronic cough (RUCC) which has been easily diagnosed as habit cough.

Because of this need to be reminded of practicing their recovery procedure, we are currently in development of a fun, and simple iOS and Android app for habit cough patients. Stop back to check on the status.

This is exciting news as word of Dr. Weinberger's cure makes it around the world.



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