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Regarding your CWSA show today: There is one option that has been completely overlooked in this whole mess with test and vaccine delays/efficacy.


At least 67+% of the COVID-19 patients report "dry repetitive cough" that spreads Coronavirus for days on end. I don't know if you looked into Dr. Weinberger's peer reviewed and published (since 1991) suggestion therapy cure for the dry cough that spreads the Coronavirus & influenza (or any disease that is transmitted by dry cough.) He reports and I affirm his 100% cure rate with a simple diagnosis and nos cost, drug free treatment available now anywhere in the world. His curative script is available in English, Spanish, Italian and next week, German.


Example of his brilliant cure (occurring now): He is following a 32 year old British patient, (gentleman) who has dry cough and throat cleared, non-stop since he was 7 years old. Dr. Weinberger followed his story from pediatric, adolescent, young adult to adulthood of non-stop dry coughing while awake. He watched and followed the simple instructions in the video of him with our Bethany and VIOLA!, he was cured of his dry coughs in minutes after 25 years of horror. Note: Dr. Weinberger told him to expect a 1-2 week recovery to "Cough ZERO" due to the healing needed for his throat, but he is almost there.


Confidential but allowed due to patient release: From his wife:

"It remains dramatically improved! He now coughs a handful of times a day, where before he was coughing every few minutes (and sometimes more). He still occasionally coughs without realising, but he makes sure to have a glass of water nearby. We're planning to watch the video for the third time today."


I know he would love to talk with you as he is a big fan of and is knowledgeable about the power of the mind. He lives in Encinitas, Ca. Cell phone: Miles Weinberger MD 760 487-5531

Note: Bethany says that she wants you to be a volunteer guest famous reader for The Weinberger Procedure curative script. (I do too.) 1 hour of your time will live for 50 years on YouTube. Dennis 410-852-6928   

Note 2: I asked Dr. Weinberger if he wanted me to re-shoot the autosuggestion video with an adult (versus a child) to be more acceptable to adults. He was adamant that it remain the way it is, but with different readers and languages. He said that it works perfectly to cure children and adults and no update is warranted.


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