Dr. Saphier Cameo

Dr Saphier,


Bethany is a big fan of yours. Jen and I are also ;-)

She said you are like a girl version of our hero, your esteemed colleague, Dr. Miles Weinberger, M.D., 40+ year pediatric pulmonologist, cough researcher, asthma specialist and immunologist from University of Iowa, and Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego.

Feel free to watch Bethany's amazing backstory video if you want to learn more about her multiple peer reviewed and published, instant cure from what has been called "... one of the most vicious and relentless illnesses" in children and adults around the world. SO many bizarre and astonishing, awesome things in her life since she was cure patient ZERO! for adults and children of the world.

Not only is she 1 year free from 500,000 dry coughs, her cure highly is effective with the dry cough associated with the Coronavirus and influenza (when easily diagnosed by their doctor). Good thing to cure the dry cough (cough aerosol spray droplets) until a vaccine becomes available.

Some people actually think there has always been a cure for unexplained, dry acute & chronic cough. Never in medical history, until now, at the hand of Dr. Weinberger and his brilliant mind.

The takeaway is that her multiple peer reviewed and published (Chest Journal and Annals of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology), dry cough cure is being used to permanently cure children and adults around the world. Some children and adults would cough millions and millions of times and then be permanently cured by The Weinberger Procedure - by proxy.


Now, it mitigates and contains Coronavirus and influenza cough aerosol spray - and nobody knows about it. Easily one of the biggest unreported medical stories of the year. 67.7% of Coronavirus patients have a dry, refractory, lingering cough.


What to say is below. It does not need to be exact. Feel free to elaborate. We know you will do a great job.

Cure the dry cough and banish the curve - completely!


Her science fair project is here:  https://www.habitcough.com/sciencefair

Call for any questions, Dennis & Jen 410-852-6928



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 We are all so proud of you since being cured of your vicious, dry cough for over 1 year now. (The dry cough that spreads Coronavirus, but when she was cured of the cough, the only concern was spread of influenza.)


No one has ever been cured from a vicious dry cough like this in medical history.


Now, her cure is the first and only cure by proxy, for dry cough aerosol in medical history.


Not many children get written about in medical journals so many times. Wow! (4 times in the last year alone - with a big one on the way.)


It's hard to imagine that you dry coughed 500,000 times and were cured by proxy, in only 10 minutes on a Skype call with your pulmonologist, Dr. Weinberger. (This is the peer reviewed and published part that had never happened before in medical history, and why it is so important for cough aerosol mitigation and containment.)


You are such a brave and powerful girl. You've been dry cough free for 1 year now, and that is awesome!


Dr. Weinberger thinks you are wonderful for peer counseling so many cured children around the world on Skype.


You will always be his "Cure patient ZERO" and inspire so many children, adults, doctors, researchers, mommies and daddies around the world.


You did such a great job that now, adults with unexplained acute and chronic, dry, cough for up to 20+ years are being cured in mere minutes, just by watching Dr. Weinberger's video with you.


(Mommy and daddy will always be amazed that your cure can help the military.)


We are most proud of your science fair project. To think that when you made it, the world was only worried about transmission of influenza virus from dry cough aerosol.


Now your science fair project is inspiring women and men of the military to cure their dry cough, and stop Coronavirus cough aerosol cloud for force and fleet readiness. (Daddy was in the Navy and explained why this is so important. He has worked at NASA for over 30 years now.)


We just hope that everyone in the military will be cured and make their dry cough go away to protect our country.


Dr. Weinberger says, "... cure the dry cough and stop the spread of Coronavirus." Nothing is more important.


Not only are mommy and daddy proud of you, I am too.

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Force and fleet readiness HERE.


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