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Provide him with a detailed overview and he reply shortly. He normally replies within 12 - 24 hours based on your location in the world.

Please take a moment to help Dr. Weinberger with his continuing research into the diagnosis and treatment of Chronic Cough - Habit Cough HERE.

"Parents and caregivers from around the world have reported that they have been successful in utilizing the 'Weinberger Procedure' for themselves and the children in their care. These results do not in anyway prove that the Weinberger Procedure will be successful for you. Please consult with your trusted medical personnel." - Dennis


​​Here are my personal observations and recovery notes HERE about The Weinberger Procedure. Consult your medical provider for proper diagnosis and treatment.


This is how Dr. Weinberger approaches his autosuggestion therapy session from the "Weinberger Procedure" he developed. It follows along with the video below which we have made generic by excluding names and gender references. It can be used by medical personnel around the world for boys, girls, men and women.


He told us to ensure that Bethany had at least 32 oz. (approx. 1000ml) of body temperature water within reach.


He told me that anyone observing MUST NOT be in line of sight of the patient. He told me as much as you will want to; DO NOT interact, speak with, touch or distract Bethany in any way.


We sat about 6 - 8 feet away from Bethany. We did not distract her or avert her gaze from the laptop in any way. We told her brothers to remain completely silent until we were done with her therapy.


Prepare to be astonished. (We were.)


The shortened version of the Weinberger Procedure therapy script in PDF is located HERE. This is to be utilized by medical providers when providing in person Weinberger Procedure therapy sessions. Please report back to Dr. Weinberger with your results. Thanks.


The long version of the Weinberger Procedure therapy script with exact wording is located HERE. This is for translators as well as medical professionals.

- Approach the patient with confidence that coughing will be stopped.


- Explain cough as a vicious cycle that started with an initial irritant.

- Instruct patient to concentrate solely on holding back the urge to cough for an initially brief period (e.g. 1 minute)

- Acknowledge that it’s difficult to resist the urge to cough.

- Provide alternative behavior, sipping lukewarm water or inhaling a soothing cool mist for urge to cough.

- Progressively increase time period for cough suppression.

- Tell the patient that each second the cough is delayed makes it easier to suppress further coughing.

- Express confidence that the patient is developing the ability to resist urge to cough.

- Repeat “it’s becoming easier to hold back the cough, isn’t it” (nod affirmatively results in affirmative nod by the patient).

- When ability to suppress cough is observed (usually by about 10 min), ask rhetorically, “You’re beginning to feel that you can resist the urge to cough, aren’t you?”(said with an affirmative head nod).

- After 10 cough-free minutes, state “I think that you can now resist the urge to cough on your own, don’t you agree?

- Discontinue the session when the patient can respond positively to that rhetorical question

- Express confidence that if the urge to cough recurs that the patient can do the same thing at home (autosuggestion).

- Emphasize that patient stopped cough, not the Doctor.- The Doctor just showed them how.

Generic "Weinberger Procedure" Therapy Session (36 min. English) for girls, boys & adults with
Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD

The video above is a generic version of the full length "Weinberger Procedure" autosuggestion therapy session video with Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD. It is the video that Bethany is seen watching in our van on the way to her pediatric pulmonologist appointment and while lying down in bed in her documentary.

I have made it generic by removing her name, voice, coughs and other things like when Dr. Weinberger says, "... good girl", it now says, "... good".

I did not edit any content. Every bit of the "Weinberger Procedure" session is precious. I did remove the beginning and ending banter between Dr. Weinberger and Bethany, but this is her entire curative therapy session from her Habit Cough.

Bethany's Habit Cough curative therapy session with Dr. Weinberger worked wonderfully. Her cough ended rapidly as you will see.


Our astonishment is REAL. We had never heard of Dr. Weinberger until 2 days prior.

We are not saying that you will achieve anything similar - or any positive results at all.

We provide this for free just to show you our child's results.

You really need to consult YOUR trusted medical professional about YOUR child. Ask them to review it and the other peer reviewed material on our website.

We wish an instant diagnosis and cure by proxy from Habit Cough for your child. - The Buettner Family

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