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If your child, as young as age 3, or you, as an adult, have a non-stop, chronic, dry, non-productive, barking, relentless, "mystery cough" that sounds like THIS, Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, Pediatric Pulmonologist would like to speak with you. Our daughter did. He spoke with her and diagnosed her mystery cough as Habit Cough. She was instantly treated & cured, without drugs - via a Skype video call across the USA. (Yes, just a Skype call!) Click HERE to go straight to the video!


Bethany's chronic cough was misdiagnosed with potential for croupGERD, neurogenic coughmold allergy, pH imbalance, acid reflux, & CVA. Every potential illness known to modern medicine; even the potential misdiagnosis that she inhaled a peanut shell. or Tourette's syndrome tic with all the associated drugs was next in the progression of misdiagnoses. Her chart is HERE.

Jennifer, Bethany and I are really glad you are here. If you are like us, you have searched the Internet day after day for just a glimmer of hope, like we did for our sweet Bethany. We want to bring you an actual **beacon of hope** so that today is 'end of the road' for your child's mystery, horror cough - or yours!

**Beacon of Hope** - Click HERE for our latest and most useful, powerful, fascinating & curative videos (Now in Spanish). Stories of instant cures pour in from all over the USA, Australia, England, Canada, Nepal, Ireland, India, Argentina, Spain & more. You will feel comforted to know that you are in the right place. HERE is Bethany's "horror cough" diary. 



Stop what you are doing and start right now by reading this published letter twice HERE by Dr. Weinberger. Now, read this HERE. Then you will want to watch our daughter's amazing curative video below utilizing The Weinberger Procedure. It will be the best 10 minutes of your day. When you are done with all this; you will know. You might immediately want to email Dr. Weinberger HERE. He sincerely wants you to contact him today.


Note: This is our daughter's story only. Your diagnosis and outcome will certainly be different. This website does not provide ANY medical advice at all. We are here as fans of Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD and his brilliant peer reviewed letters and manuscripts.

Spanish version of Dr. Weinberger curing Bethany. HERE

Our daughter was diagnosed by Dr. Weinberger with Habit Cough. Then came her instant cure! This is the amazing video which is immediately "curing Habit Cough by proxy" in children and adults around the world. Full length version HERE

Daddy observations and recovery notes HERE.

Our child's mysterious, unstoppable, dry, barking, chronic cough (definition) did not wake her from sleep, but then started when she woke, was diagnosed by Dr. Weinberger as Habit Cough (definition). Dr. Weinberger wants talk with you about your child's mystery, non-stop, chronic cough.

At no cost or fee, Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, diagnosed and instantaneously cured our daughter of her "horror cough" on a Skype call.

Everything you do helps Dr. Weinberger's research into diagnosis and cure of Habit Cough "by proxy" for children around the world.


Numerous forsaken children (and now adults) around the world who were diagnosed with Habit Cough by Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, have been instantly "cured by proxy" utilizing The Weinberger Procedure anywhere in the world via YouTube!


Their parents contact me and state they were cured just by watching his curative therapy video HERE. (Just like Bethany was!) Adults have also utilized The Weinberger Procedure to cure themselves of Habit Cough. (This was a completely unexpected outcome to a pediatrician from Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego, California.)

The Weinberger Procedure "by proxy" is Dr. Weinberger's free gift to helpless, hopeless and forsaken children of the world.

The Weinberger Procedure instantly cured our daughter and numerous other children from a mysterious, horrific, vicious, non-stop, non-productive, dry, horror cough when all medicine, specialists and procedures failed.


We no longer feel helpless, hopeless and that our child was forsaken. All these terrifying feelings were gone within minutes and Bethany was instantly cured from a mysterious, vicious and relentless Habit Cough.


Read and watch their winning instant cure stories HERE.

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Two days after I emailed Dr. Weinberger for the first time, he literally diagnosed and cured our daughter's mysterious, vicious, terrifying and unstoppable Habit Cough in less than ten minutes with a simple Skype video call from thousands of miles away.


Jen and I could hardly believe our eyes - and ears. We filmed the call and now this video is actually being used around the world to cure children of their month long to multiyear Habit Cough in minutes. Hard to believe, I know, but watch the new and incredible video from Australia below and you will be pleasantly shocked.


Formerly hopeless, helpless and forsaken children around the world call him, "super doctor", "wizard", "magic", "miracle man", "a special man", and more. We simply call him, Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD - "... the man who instantly silences hopeless, helpless and forsaken children and adults everywhere in the world from horrifying coughs that just won't stop - until now."


​As Bethany says in her video, "I can do it, you can do it too!"

Bethany asked to do her science fair project on The Weinberger Procedure and Dr. Weinberger. She really nailed it and explains it wonderfully. So proud.


All referenced documentation on this website is fully

Peer Reviewed & Published
Read THIS first.

When all other diagnoses and treatments fail, renowned Pediatricians, Allergists, Pulmonologists and Pediatric Pulmonologists Family Practice Doctors, FAAP, Pediatricians, Epidemiologists, Psychiatrists, Neurologists, Speech Language Pathologists (SLP), Speech Language Therapists (SLT), ENTs, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners (NP), Registered Nurses (RN), Nutritionists, Psychologists, Licensed Hypnotists, and medical providers from around the world are now referring their child and adult patients to Dr. Weinberger's peer reviewed and published letters, manuscripts and curative therapy videos here at

** Volunteer Medical Provider Translators needed. Help children and adults to be cured in their language and yours. Your voice will cure children for the next 50 years with only 30 minutes of effort. HERE **

Now in Spanish HERE for over 527,000,000 people around the world.

You will want to first read this informative article about Dr. Weinberger's amazing procedure in The Daily Beast HERE. It is very well written.


Please read the following peer reviewed and published cough information from Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Allergy and Asthma Proceedings, Pediatric Pulmonology, Chest Journal, and more. Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD would like to speak with you about becoming a member of his international resource provider list to utilize The Weinberger Procedure in your locale.

Read Dr. Weinberger's published letter first HERE - it sets the stage for your knowledge of diagnosis and treatment of Habit Cough - by proxy.

Please take a moment to help Dr. Weinberger with his continuing research into the diagnosis and treatment of Chronic Cough - Habit Cough HERE.









Dr. Weinberger instructed our sweet daughter how to control and stop her vicious horror coughing and that's just what she did - in mere minutes. After months of horrible, unstoppable, untreatable and vicious Habit Coughing, his auto-suggestion therapy stopped her unstoppable cough in minutes. Children and adults can be instantly cured from the horrors of Habit Cough by Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, Pediatric Pulmonologist, anywhere in the world in mere minutes "by proxy".

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Internet Hero of the Year
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Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD.

Pediatric Pulmonologist, Medical Researcher
What is a Pediatric Pulmonologist? 

Dr. Weinberger is Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics from the University of Iowa and is currently Visiting Professor of Pediatrics at the University of California San Diego, Rady Children's Hospital, He is Board Certified in both Allergy and Pediatric Pulmonology.

A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, he received training at the University of California in San Francisco, National Institute of Health, National Jewish Hospital in Denver, and the University of Colorado.  Dr. Weinberger authored over 200 manuscript publications, 44 book chapters, and a book entitled Managing Asthma. He has been an invited speaker more than 500 times throughout the United States and in 22 countries.

Dr. Weinberger wants to hear your success story or to communicate with you about your cough at no cost. (Our sweet hopeless, helpless and forsaken child, Bethany was instantly and permanently cured in mere minutes by Dr. Weinberger.)

Communicate with Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD HERE.

**Include a link to video of your child coughing.**

In your email, provide him with a detailed video link, & (who, what, where, when, how, why, age, gender, medical history, diagnosis & more) overview and he will reply shortly. He normally replies within 12 - 24 hours based on your location in the world.


Bethany's mommy actually picks lice out of little children's hair for a great company, called, lice Happens. When Jen first meets the family in their home, their lives are on hold. They can do nothing. They are crying "tears of grief". (Great story about tear types.)


This is like when people first communicate with Dr. Weinberger, hoping that he can diagnose, and cure their child. Their tears are "tears of grief". If their child is diagnosed with Habit Cough, Dr. Weinberger knows how to cure the child. He informs the parents of the proper therapy. Now, the new proper "normal" therapy for Dr. Weinberger's Habit Cough patients might very well be administered via the video of him curing Bethany via Skype call. It works. Just ask Austin's parents HERE.


He has distilled this therapy into a curative video with wonderful results. After the child is instantly cured from Habit Cough, the parents now have "laughing tears" as noted about. Like Jen, when people first learn of Dr. Weinberger, they cry. When The Weinberger Procedure cures the child, the parents cry; but a whole different type of tears - "laughing tears".


Bethany in Annapolis, Md.

Hi, I am Bethany.

I am just like you. I am a happy, healthy, fun loving 13 year old girl. I love my mommy, daddy, brothers, family & friends.

One day when I was 12, I began to cough. I had just recovered from walking pneumonia..


Mommy, daddy & my doctors gave me some medicine and, of course, I figured it would go away.  All of my medicine, treatment and my entire Habit Cough Diary is located HERE. You can see everything they did for me.

It did not go away. Instead, my coughing began to get more and more intense. I coughed thousands of times per day. Daddy estimated that I coughed over 5,000 times per day and 500,000 times in about 3 months before my rescue session with Dr. Weinberger, MD.


My coughs only happened while I was awake - not while I was sleeping. This was important to Dr. Weinberger in diagnosing my chronic habit cough. Sine qua non << Look it up HERE.

My video above best explains my rescue/cure and how Dr. Weinberger showed me how to make my Habit Cough go away in minutes - like a light switch!

If I can do it; you can do it too!

I am so proud of the boys, girls and adults around the world who stopped their cough like I did with Dr. Weinberger. Their videos are wonderful and so exciting. Daddy shows me every one. Wow! - Bethany

After my "Skype cure" With Dr. Weinberger

Just as my cough started, I was in pre-production of my Happy Television show located HERE. I had just founded The Milk Hall of Fame for all the boys and girls in the world. It was gonna be fun. Then it all stopped :-(

Because of the hundreds of thousands of coughs, it all stopped and I thought it would never happen. There was NO end in sight for my unstoppable horror cough.

Now, since my curative therapy session with Dr. Weinberger, I have restarted pre-production of Happy Television. The Milk Hall of Fame is now reaching mommies and daddies for their boys and girls all around the world.

My curative session with Dr. Weinberger is shocking, amazing and astounding. Thank goodness that daddy grabbed mommy's phone and started filming my session with Dr. Weinberger, or NO ONE would ever believe what happened.

Update: Bethany is NOW cough free HERE.

Check out Dr. Weinberger's "peer reviewed and published" document selection HERE.

Feel Free to email me. I get a lot of emails from people like you from around the world.

Please understand that I cannot and will not offer ANY medical advice. I produce YouTube and Twitch programs for a living.

Have your trusted medical professionals utilize, view and begin to understand Chronic Habit Cough with the documentation located here if you wish.

All documentation referenced on this website is fully "peer reviewed AND published". We will never refer to any non peer reviewed documentation. Your doctor will only respect and acknowledge peer reviewed and published research. 


When you print out and present them with the "peer reviewed & published" documentation here, they will give it a second look. To them, it represents believable, "good science" & "good medicine" - not quack science or quack medicine. 

I release all HIPAA requirements for privacy.

Contact Bethany or Daddy
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